It is my experience that usually senior management already has some idea of their challenges and the directions for possible solutions. It may be useful that this idea is put to the test from a fresh and independent point of view, and, if possible, confirmed or where necessary deepened or broadened. Often the greatest challenge is found in the joint realisation of plans and their full potential.

This is not always plain sailing! There are always forces at stake which are not immediately apparent and comprehensible to people, but which may have a positive or negative impact on the success of a process of change, an impact that is not to be underestimated. Many processes of change – whether they have a business or a private character – fail or get stuck because exactly those less visible forces are consciously or unconsciously swept under the carpet. In doing so, one feels frustrated, since also these forces can be addressed and enlisted systematically, methodologically and “in control”.

Given the unique motivation and a certain measure of resistance to change from people and organisations, I always attempt to make use of the right instruments, at the right time, and in the right way. According to my clients it is here that my distinguishing competencies lie – in the design, the support of the implementation and monitoring of “hard and soft evidence” , but especially through the interaction with people in the “here and now”. It is my opinion that organisations only really change when people - their designers - individually and together not only mentally see the changes in a different way, but also experience them differently from an emotional point of view. If people think and feel differently, that is based on the specific activation of new neural patterns. Therefore, we can only speak of a “lasting change” if, at an individual level, new neural connections have been ingrained and function consistently. To organisations the challenge is to make this happen this at a collective level. 

I work on the basis of complete confidentiality and consequently cannot mention the names of clients for whom I worked. I employ no other consultants, so you always work with me myself. I have excellent contacts with well-reputed consulting-agencies and, when an assignment so requires, I am in a position to take action quickly. As a matter of course, I myself will be your central contact.