“I was looking for an advisor who knew the business, but who also understood that in our endeavour to benefit from the new regulations as much as possible, we ourselves had to change too. Apart from that it had to be somebody who understood the dynamics of the board room, since at first our executive board wasn’t fully aligned. During the first interview with Simon I soon got the impression that he was the man we were looking for.”

CFO Financial Services Industry (see case)



“Systematically and layer by layer Simon analyses the problem until we get to the heart of the matter. This happened with a sense of humour, in our own tempo, always in consultation with each other, with a sense for social relationships and an orientation toward goal achievement. In a subtle and pleasant way Simon finds the balance between the interests of the parties involved and his own professional standards and independence. This is indicative of a wealth of experience with complex processes of change.”

CEO Information Processing Industry (see case)



“During an intensively interactive session we personally experienced the subject of cooperation through an innovative, playful, game form. As a matter of fact, we did not only talk about our own thoughts, feelings and convictions, through practical examples from other lines of business, we also considered the importance for ourselves, we really felt it inside - we felt the pros and cons of successful and unsuccessful cooperation. To me this was a new and surprising experience, a kind of Learning and Development 2.0.”.

Managing Partner Professional Services Industry (see case) 



In the beginning we even did not want to shake hands. The merger felt like a forced marriage of convenience – something that had to be. There were too many obstacles and our previous negotiations did not bring any positive results. Without Simon we would never have achieved this in this tempo and with this measure of robustness. Now there is a strategy, an operating system, the finances have been settled and, most important of all, there is mutual trust and pride that together we have succeeded in finding creative solutions for our problems.

General Manager Automotive Industry (see case)




“Quite rightly, we spent a lot of time on the innovation of our strategy concept, but the greatest challenge was to realise our plans and to increase our execution-power. We know that requires more than a good communication system, a firm project management and the cooperation of our personnel. Especially a change in behaviour and mentality is at stake. Simon’s interventions take into account exactly those things which are of crucial importance for the execution of our plans. And in that he distinguishes himself from other advisors.”

CEO Hospitality Industry (see case)




“I think it is very clever of Simon that in a short period of time he has been able to put his finger on a number of important dilemmas. The metaphors he used are evidence of a sharp insight into our needs and match with the culture of our company. We follow Simon in his analysis that we unconsciously do not want things to change and we now understand how they stand in the way of the necessary development of our company. That is why now there is no way back to the old situation”

Managing Director of Learning & Development Industry (see case)