Individual change

Every human being has a natural drive towards self-actualization. Its realisation is like a long journey. As long as you are feeling well in your body and mind during that journey, there is nothing to worry about. Until that moment that you begin to feel that something is bothering you, but what exactly? You were well on track, but it seems that growth is stagnating. You are feeling tensed and it seems that you are less in control to shape your career path and live the way you envisioned. Actually you want to slow down, instead you move on and need to set your teeth, or so to speak: you start working on it much harder. How long you keep up with this is entirely a personal matter.

When a bad day threatens to become a bad month or even a bad year, advice of friends and family doesn’t help as well as rationalisation, denial and indeed taking some time off, then you probably won’t be able to solve your issues by yourself. Then it's time to seek professional support.

Psychotherapy feels like too big a step, after all you are not a patient. Coaching feels better, as long as the coach is trained in psychology and has a broad range of experiences – somebody who rapidly makes you feel safe and full of confidence, who has expertise and experience in the setting in which you manifest yourself on a daily basis. In this case I might be able to help you.

Not just addressing symptoms, but real, enduring change

I am having experience and expert knowledge in five fields:
  • Broad experience as a coach trained in clinical psychology (Insead, Fontainebleau, France)
  • Leadership experience as a managing partner (global audit - & advisory firm)
  • Long-time experience as an advisor to senior management of global and local companies
  • Trained as a business economist (Free University, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Experience in professional sports environment (football clubs)

Already during the nineties working as a partner at a global audit and advisory firm I started to study psychology. I witnessed addressing symptoms rather than solving causes and superficial treatment of problems at my clients. In this way problems weren’t solved – it perhaps delivered short term relief and less anxiety, but lasting change was usually never accomplished. In the following years I became convinced that it's unwise not to address the unconscious and underlying forces who are responsible for inner conflict.

Although every human being leads his of hers own unique life, no body is immune for the problems inextricably related to it. To deal with this struggle more effectively and less anxious there are many ways a coach is able to help you. Of course I work systematically and methodologically. I believe in a short-term, dynamic approach in which we make sure that you will become the owner of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours again. Nevertheless my real strengths are the extra ingredients which I add in every (personal) change process – my insights, creativity, drive, humour, and sense of timing. Sometimes we work in an office, but sometimes also outside it.


My clients are usually (talented) senior managers from corporate or public life and professionals from professional services firms, sports – or entertainment industry. Sometimes the reasons for which they consult me are clear - like conflict, loss, anxiety, symptoms of disstress, search for meaning or imbalances in life. Usually they are diffuse and complex as they are related to suppressed and unconscious memories of events, important people, ambitions and feelings. The exact nature of these (often long forgotten) experiences may not always reach consciousness. Nevertheless, they evoke anxiety. Defensive behaviour serves as a means of avoiding those thoughts and feelings. My clients often show a mild to strong resistance towards desired of necessary individual change. At those moments change will emerge as we will identify those protecting, but obstructing defences. They will help us find and walk the path of growth, meaning and pleasure.

When you are interested, you can call me to make an appointment. You can also fill in the form.